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[常用句] 一百句话涵盖所有考研词汇(词汇量:100)下载课程


On this area of the sea, the pandas like to drink tea with peas in soda.在海里的这个地区,熊猫们喜欢就着苏打碗豆喝茶。
And the Oceanian militias like to go to cafeteria via the peninsula with a formula of dram...而大洋州的民兵则喜欢经过半岛,带着编剧本的公式上餐厅去。
There are extra operas as well as bananas in a cinema nearby. The zebra in this era get at...附件的电影院里有额外的歌剧和香蕉,这一时代的斑马们被外面的天线所吸引。
The crab in lab wants to stab a lamb with his rib, whose limbs were like bulbs.实验室里的蟹想用它的肋骨去戳四肢象灯炮的小羊。
But the lamb uses her thumb to bomb the crab's dumb comb and sends it to the tomb.但小羊用拇指投了个炸弹,炸中了蟹的哑梳子,把它送进了坟墓。
Meanwhile, the mob outside robs her and the lamb sobs in the cafeteria.这时,门外的乌合之众抢劫了小羊,它只得在餐厅里抽泣。
So she absorbs herself in rubbing tubs in a club in the suburb, only to avoid being distur...于是它专心地躲在郊外的一个俱乐部里擦拭浴盆,逃避乌合之众们的打扰。
The specifically pacific gives a magic mechanic to catholic republic publically with terri...特别爱好和平的商人们公开地给了宽容的共和国一个魔力的技工,连同极妙的照片及学术性的逻辑学。
And a dynamic clinic shows the traffickers the formula of cosmic economics organically on ...而一间充满活力的诊所在一个恐慌的野餐会上给商人们有机地展示了宇宙经济学的公式。
So the heroic lamb flies from the atmosphere Antarctic at a supersonic speed, who then cor...故此,英勇的小羊从南极的大气层以超声速飞来,并用一个综合的光电策略观纠正了他们。
Even the static critic feels her solution energetic and sympathetic, just like piece of ma...甚至连静态批评家都觉得这一解决方式富有活力,及同情心,就如一曲有磁性有计算意味的音乐。
The patriotic and enthusiastic has a lot of elastic plastics domestically and fantasticall...爱国而又热情的评论家还有许多弹性的塑料品在家中,充满了想象。
The odd lad's pad makes his thread mad.这个奇怪的小伙子的填料让线变疯了。
His succeeding advanced deeds exceed the critic's proceeding feed of bleeding need, too.他连续不断的先进行为也超过了评论家正在研制的以流血的贫穷制作的饲料。
The greedy reed speeds breeding its seeds in the shed.贪婪的芦苇加快在小屋培育种子。
A crowd of wicked naked girls get accustomed to so-called being learned, as well as the ha...一群邪恶的裸女习惯了所谓的有学问,和对神圣的厌恶。
A sophisticated house was situated undoubtedly on an unlimited road, owned by a complicate...毫无疑问,一座复杂而先进的房子,座落在一条无限制的马路上,由一个复杂受到爱戴的结婚少女所拥有,她害怕空袭。
The stupid invalid has rigidly forbidden the kid's bidding for the producing of solid acid...愚蠢的病人严厉地用一个快盖子禁止了小孩对在一个潮湿而华丽的地带生产固体酸的投标。
But the wild child boldly gets rid of him with a fluid shield and has yielded a building w...但这狂野的小孩勇敢地以一种流体质除去了他,成功地生产了一座无焊点的建筑。
After upholding to scold the folded wife, a second-hand husband moulds the threshold in sh...在赞成责骂被折叠的妻子之后,二手丈夫在高地以速记法铸成了一个门槛。
Demands of beforehand commands expand so rapidly that several grand bands of them have alr...对预警命令的需求扩张得如此之快,以致于有几个大品牌已能经受价格及产量的下跌。
My legendary friend has recommended me to the lent to blend our weekends with suspension o...我传说中的朋友已推荐我被借去把我们的周末与减少花费的暂停相泯合。
The trend of pretending to contend has extended.假装斗争的趋势已延伸到了捆扎不同种类的磨石,
The ground stone wound by bonds was fond of the bond of diamonds and was corresponding to ...被债券缠身的磨石对钻石边子有兴趣,还和远处的约束基金有通信。
The profound compound has surrounded a sound Oceanian cafeteria.深奥的化合物包围了一间健全的大洋州餐厅。
The method of keeping a good mood is to have enough food during the period of childhood an...保持好心情的方法就是在儿时有足够的食物和时常点头。
On regard to the standard of beard, Lao Sha's detruded rod maybe well concerned.关于胡子的标准,老沙扔掉的鱼杆可被考虑。
An awkward steward has been reward with a straight forward award for his being a coward.一个笨拙的服务因怯懦而被授予了一份直白的奖品。
The applauding shepherd in the yard cannot offer the hazard of laughing at the absurd land...院子里正在鼓掌的牧人无法承受嘲笑那个手里有剑的荒唐地主的代价。
Everybody in the tribe has to be in robe and describe the prescription subscribe by the gl...这个部落的每个人都必须穿长袍,描述由全球化侦探订购的处方。
The graceful preface was laced by a commonplace piece near the furnace in the palace witho...这份优雅的前言是由一个平凡的侍女在宫殿里的火炉边,不留住拥抱过的痕迹而系上带子的。
The office's prejudice of the masterpiece has made the police sliced as some nice sacrific...办公室对名著的偏见使得警察被切成细片当作牺牲。
Our choice of justice has led to the abundant service of juice and device of attendance.我们的正义选择导致了丰富的汁液供应及照看设计。
The reliance of appliance has enhanced the resemblance of the financial romance with the a...对器械的信赖促进了财政传奇和救护车的相似。
The appearance of his glance makes my acquaintance lose his tolerance at the entrance of N...他那一眼的出现让我的熟人在新东方入口处失去了耐性。
The nuisance's ignorance gives us no assurance of our own endurance or importance.那个可恶的无知使我们无法保证我们的耐性及重要性。
The distant substance advances under the circum stance with resistance and no assistance.远方的物体在又有压力又没援助的环境下前进。
Our evident fence around the residence is our confidence of correspondent defence.我们住宅周围明显的栅栏是我们相应防卫的信心。
The experience as audience gives us both conscience and obedience which will then lead to ...做听众的经验使得我们有了良心和顺从,这将让我们具备耐心而非暴力。
The absence of essence and reference has made the conference less important.要点和参照的缺乏使得大会不那么重要了。
A scarce fierce bird can easily pierce a commercial boat with great force.一只珍稀的猛禽能轻易地用力量穿透一只商船。
The reinforcement of sauce is the source of increasing divorce.调味品的加强是离婚增加的源泉。
The production of deducing the inducement has been reduced after a newer introduction.对说明进行演绎的产量在新的引进之后就减少了。
The spade has faded after being invaded by the parade.铁铲在受到游行侵略后就退色了。
The code for the mode of electrodes has included explosion.电焊条的准则就包含了爆破。
The magnitude of gratitude depends on both of its multitude and crude attitude.感激的重要性主要取决于其数量及原始的态度。
The guarantee committee has foreseen the employee spending his life safely in the cafe.担保委员会已预见到了雇员在咖啡馆里安度一生了。
The manager has the courage to fill the garage with pages of image for storage.经理有勇气用图片把车库填满,作为储备。
My pledge is the savage's badge of knowledge know the hedge.我的承诺就是野人们从篱笆那得来的知识徽章。
Lao Sha lodges in a ridge with a bowl of porridge on a wedge of the ridge.老沙盖房在屋脊楔子上的冰和里,手中拿着一碗粥。
Range of arivilege obligations was arranged with great challenges.特别责成权的范围在排列时遇到挑战。
The revenging savages have charged into the lounge and took away all the sponges. Their em...一群复仇的野人冲入休息室,抢走了全部的海绵,他们的出现使所有伪造的精确量过的避难处被解除了,迫使有关官员加大了门的铰链。
A mistake in staking can overtake you like an earthquake.下注的一个错误能象地震一样压倒你。
The joker was choked by a stroke of smoke for his undue provoking.说笑话的人因他的挑逗被一阵烟梗住了。
The pale scale on sale probably has a stale tale.减价出售的天平很可能有一个陈旧的故事。
An agreeable fable comes from a noticeable cable which has been supposed to reliable and r...一个宜人的故事从一条被认为是可靠且可观的重要电缆传给了一个可获得的变量。这一消息使可疑的东西变得有理由,无理的东西变得有能力,可观的东西变得不可忍受,而可取的东西则变得无可计数了。...
Some indispensable vegetables has been ratably portable and stable in a feeble babble.有些不可或缺的蔬菜在虚弱的水池中变得非常轻便且稳定。
Bible incredibly complete, not negligible, terribly feasible, though not visible, responsi...圣经是令人难以置信地完备,不可忽略,极易实行,虽眼不能见,却也负责地使人明智,灵活操作。
It's a miracle to see a noble tumble humbly before the cheap spectacles of the poor uncles...能看见一个贵族卑贱地在一群农民的伯伯跟前打滚真是一个奇迹。
Stumbled by soluble marble saddle, I saw a bundle of rifles with the struggling of a trian...我被一个可溶大理石做的马鞍绊倒后,随着一只被琐了激怒的三角形老鹰的挣扎,我看到了一捆步枪。
The hills of reconciliation have bear compiled by the versatile man with a hostile tackle ...调解的档案已由一个多才之人用敌国的器械在一个肥沃的皱纹里编辑完毕。
A mule of molecule has been scheduled.一头分子做骡子被安排好了。
The Queen is a famed supremacy by the fame of themes of her husband's scheme.女王是由她丈夫设定的计划主题框架
Handsome men are wholesome, though tiresome.英俊的男人有益健康,虽也令人疲倦。
The mining of pining nine has led to the lack of genuine magazine.对松类藤的开采导致了真弹药的缺乏。
The throne of limestone was hoed by the farmers on canoe.石灰王座被独木船上的农民锄坏了。
Some ripe grapes have been scraped into stripes.有些成熟的葡萄被擦成条状。
Our warfare welfare was declared to be prepared in the flare of people's glare.我们的战争福利在民众的怒视的目光中被宣布已准备就绪。
Hegemony adheres not only on both hemispheres, but also upwards to our commonly shared atm...霸权主义不上存在于东西半球,还存在于大气层。
The entire empire was highly inspired by the desire of grasping the wire tyre.整个帝国被攫取电线胎的欲望所鼓动起来。
Never ignore your sore caused by the ore.绝不要小视由矿石引起的疼痛。
Your obscure procedure has secured the immeasurable treasure and ensures the leisure enclo...你们模糊不清的程序将保证会得到无数的珍宝,并将轻松地保证不含有任何曝光的可能。
A mature creature features with better architecture and venture.成熟的人以比前更好的建筑设计及冒险特征。
This gesture is actually a torture for the captured man with such high moisture.在如此潮气之下,这种装扮实际是对这个被捕者的折磨。
Paradise has concise promise and precise merchandise such as tortoise and compromise of de...天堂有简明的许诺,精确的商品,如龟及对被蔑视赞美的妥协。
A disguise comprises an enterprise and good supervision.伪装由计划和良好的监督组成。
Condensing this dense material will take immerse expense and intense work.压缩这一密度大的物质将花费巨大的开支及紧张的工作。
King's purpose of imposing a new tax has been soon exposed and even the decomposed dead wi...国王加征新税的目的很快被告之于众,甚至连土里烂掉的死人也应该起来反对他靡华的求婚。
A glimpse of the eclipse is enough to disperse your coarse verses poems from your cursed h...看一眼日食就足以驱散你在你该诅咒的马背上得来的粗糙的诗句。
Their pause of applause shall have no excuse.他们的暂停鼓掌将不会有任何借口。
A mouse in our warehouse has been aroused by the greenhouse effect and it can amuse everyo...我家库房里有只老鼠被温室效应唤醒,它能取悦于人。













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