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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第8天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


The attendants attend the meeting and pretend to be attentive.侍从们出席会议并装出专注的样子。
The tenderer surrendered her tremendously slender tender fingers.投标者交出了她异常纤细娇嫩的手指.
The tension tends to extend to a more extensive extent.紧张倾向于向更广泛的程度扩展。
I spend money on expensive things endlessly; so the expenditure trends up.我无休止地花钱买昂贵的东西,所以开支趋向上升。
I send him the blend calendar and the splendid bent lens he lent to me.我把他借给我的混合日历和绝妙的弯曲透镜送给他.
The goodness of the wooden goods gives me good mood.木制商品的精华给我一个好心情.
The teenagers in the canteen are keen to see the queen sitting between the green screens in the greenhouse.食堂里的少年们巴望见到坐在温室里的绿色屏风间的女王。
From the tiny tin pin, the spinner pinched off an inch.纺纱工从小锡别针上掐掉一英寸。
In my opinion, only the onion can grow in the iron environment.据我看,只有洋葱能在铁质环境中生长。
The crazy jazzman gazed at the blaze on the razor with amazement.疯狂的爵士音乐演奏者惊愕地盯着剃刀上的白斑.
The illustration illuminates the demonstrating Democrat's penetrating strategy.图解阐明了正在示威的民主党党员的渗透策略.
The cat catches a fat rat and scatters the others under the mat.猫抓了一只肥鼠并驱散了席子下面的其它老鼠。
On the flat platform the bat will pat whatever hat it likes.在平坦的站台上,蝙蝠会拍打它喜欢的任何帽子.
Hence the hen cries whenever it sees a chicken.从此每当那只母鸡看见小鸡时就叫.
The driller filled the grill with brilliant film.钻孔者在烤架上填满辉煌的胶片.
The ill man had a pill and sat on the pillar in stillness until now.那个坏人吃了一颗药丸后静止不动地坐在柱子上直到现在.
The skilful miller killed millions of lions with his ski.技术娴熟的磨坊主用雪橇杀死了上百万头狮子。
The silly spilled the milk on the silver silk.傻子把牛奶溅到银白色的丝绸上。
On the far farm the army's arms are kept warm by a swarm of bees.在远方的农场上,陆军的武器被一群蜜蜂保暖.
The alarm harmed the charming harmony of the ceremony.警报声损害了典礼迷人的和谐.
Squirrel inquired an acquaintance and acquired the requirements.松鼠询问了一位熟人,得知了那些要求.
A title is entitled to the retired worker who repaired the entire tire tirelessly.那个不倦地修理了整个轮胎的退休工人被授予了一个头衔.
The hired admirer inspired his desire for the wire.雇佣钦佩者激发了他对铁丝的渴望.
The firm fireman first overcame thirst desire.坚定的消防员首先克服口渴欲望。
The tiresome pirate sounded siren and let off fireworks.讨厌的海盗鸣汽笛放焰火.
The career carpenter put the cargo on the carbon carpet.职业木匠把货物放到碳质地毯上.
The married man carried the scarred car and carriage onto the carrier.已婚男子把有疤痕的汽车和马车带到了航母上。
Apart from that apartment, the departed department leader was partly partial to this one.除了那套公寓外,已故系领导还有点偏爱这一套.
I can hardly pardon his discarding the hardware and cardboard in the harbour.我简直不能原谅他在港口丢弃五金和硬纸板.
The guard guards the guarantee in the garden regardless of the hazard.卫兵不顾危险看守着花园里的抵押品。
I packed the jackets and rackets into packets with the sacks.我们用袋子将夹克和球拍打成小包。
The bachelor is detached to attach tags to the yacht.学士被派遣去给游艇贴标签。
The attacker cracked the racks and stacked them on the track.攻击者打裂搁板并把它们堆在跑道上.
The backward man lacks black background.落后的男子缺少黑色背景.
The awfully awkward warship is warned not to be awarded war reward.那艘非常拙劣的军舰受到不给予战争报酬的警告。
Afterwards, I went toward the yard and looked upward, downward, inward, outward, forward and backward.后来我走向院子,向上下内外前后看.
The bright fighter is frightened and flies upright in straight line from the right.那架明亮的战斗机受到惊吓后呈直线地从右边垂直飞起来.
I slightly delight in flight in the sunlight and lightning.我有点喜欢在阳光和闪电中飞行.
Money will be tight overnight after tonight's midnight.银根将在今晚午夜之后一下紧缩.
The sightseer speaks highly of the highway with sigh.观光者叹息着盛赞这条公路.
At the agency, the aged agent is urgently urged to go for surgery by the gentle surgeon.在办事处,温和的外科医生急切地催促年老的代理商做外科手术。
If you carry the cabinet of cabbage garbage to the garage, you'll get an average wage.如果你把这橱柜包菜垃圾扛进了汽车库,你将获得一份平均工资.
The villagers in rage caused a tragedy on the cage-like stage.狂怒的村民在笼子形的舞台上制造了一场悲剧.
It is imaginable that breaking the engagement will damage his image.可以想象,违反婚约将损害他的形象。
The extra theme of the supreme scheme is an extreme secret.至高无上的计划的额外主题是个极端机密.
No extraordinary disorder happens on the orderly border.在有序的边界上没有发生不寻常的混乱.
The wordy lord left his sword on the world.多话的君主把他的剑留在了世界上.
According to the record, the cord was the oldest recorder the people could afford.据记载,绳子是人们用得起的最古老的记录器.
Moreover, the new government overlooked the governor over the oven.而且,新政府忽视了炉子上方的州长.
In the discussion I discovered that the lost cover was recovered.在讨论中我发现盖子失而复得.













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