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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第7天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


The crying boy tries to fry the dry crystal.哭喊的男孩试图用油炸干晶体.
In the chimney the donkey and monkey found the key to the money monitor.猴和驴在烟囱里找到了货币监视器的钥匙.
At the edge of the wedged hedge, I acknowledged the knowledgeable man.在楔形篱笆的边缘上,我向那位博识的人致谢.
The shark's remark on the marble mark in the market is remarkable.骗子关于市场上大理石标记的评论值得关注.
In the sparking park, the darling dark dog barked at the embarked larks.在闪着火花的公园里,可爱的深色狗对着装载于船云雀吠叫.
The drifter swiftly shifted the gift to the left of the lift.那个漂泊者敏捷地将礼物换到电梯的左边.
The rival's arrival gives him a forgivable chance.对手的到来给他一个可原谅的机会。
From the fact, the shivering driver derives that the diver may thrive on river.发抖的司机从这个事实得出结论说跳水员可以靠河流繁荣.
The striver contrives to derive that privacy can't be deprived.奋斗者想方设法推导得出隐私(权)不可剥夺.
The lively survivor surveyed the conveyer.活泼的幸存者考察了输送装置.
The living olive keeps the deliverer's liver alive.活橄榄使发货人的肝脏继续存活.
With a knife the knitter ends his wife's life in the lifeboat.在救生艇上编织者用小刀结束了他妻子的性命。
Who made a whole hole in the holy holiday?谁在神圣的假日里打了一个完整的孔?
The man who broke the sole solid lid is solemnly condemned.打破这个仅有的实心盖子的人受到庄严谴责.
By the ruler's schedule, the molecule capsules will play an important role in the roller.根据统治者的时间表,这种分子胶囊将在滚筒上起重要作用.
I deliberately liberated the man who was in despair and desperately struggled for liberation and liberty.我有意解放了那个拼命地争取解放和自由的绝望者。
At the outset this set of setting settled the offset problem of the kettle.在开始,这一套设置解决了水壶的弥补问题.
I bet that he forgot the forged alphabetical targets.我打赌他忘记了按字母顺序排列的锻造靶子.
The draft for aircraft is sent to the airline by airmail.订购航空器的汇票用航空邮件寄给了航空公司.
On the impaired dairy the chairman lay in a pair of repaired chairs for haircut.在遭到损害的牛奶场,主席躺在一对修理过的椅子上理发.
I met a fairly unfair affair upstairs.我在楼上遇到一件颇不公平的事.
At the breakfast, the steak leaked from the break.早餐时,肉片从缺口处漏出来。
The weak speaker made a speech on the bleak peak.虚弱的讲话者在荒凉的山峰上发表了演说。
The mouse's tearing the blouse and trousers aroused the housewife's anger.老鼠撕咬短衫和裤子激起了主妇的怒火。
We beat (defeated) the cheat who heated the wheat.我们打败了给小麦加热的骗子。
He created the great creature with concrete for recreation.他用混凝土创造了这个伟大的创造物作消遣.
In the theater I threatened to treat the treaty with retreat.在剧院里,我威胁要以退却来对待条约.
The man in neat sweaty sweater seated himself in the rear.穿整洁的汗湿毛衣的男子在后面就坐.
The lagging man tagged the bags among the luggage with small flags.落伍者给行李中的袋子加上小旗标签.
The ragged man drags a waggon of rag fragments.那个衣衫褴褛的人拉着一货车破布碎片.
The lawyer's son-in-law likes hawk's claws and jaws.律师的女婿喜欢鹰爪和下颌.
The drawer put the strawberries and raw paws into a drawer in the saw-mill.绘图者把草莓和生熊掌放进锯板厂的抽屉里。
I had appetite for inviting the man who bit me despite I had spite against him.我有意邀请咬我的人,尽管我怨恨他.
On the exciting kite site, the excited reciter cited my verse.在激动人心的风筝现场,激动的朗诵者应用了我的诗句。
The photographer put the graph in the paragraph on geographical geometry.摄影师将图表插到论述地理几何学的段落.
The telegram says that the diagrams show the grammar of the program.电报说图表表示程序的语法.
With gratitude he congratulated me on the celebration.他怀着感激向我祝贺庆典.
The rational operator started a new era of opera cooperation in AD 2000.理性的操作者在公元2000年开创了一个歌剧合作的新时代.
I can't tolerate the acceleration in decorating the refrigerator.我不能容忍对冷库装饰的加速.
The fateful up-to-date data of the gate have a fatal error.大门的决定性最新数据有一个致命错误.
I've hatred for the hateful man's skates bought with prior private privilege.我对那个可恶男子用优先个人特权购买的冰鞋感到厌恶.
With one penny I had this peculiar pen opened.我花了一便士让人把这支奇特的钢笔打开了。
I lowered flowing flowers below the table.我把飘垂的花降低到桌子之下.
The plowman slowly blows at the glowing globe.犁地者对着发红的球体慢慢吹气.
The fellow's yellow pillow is hollowed by his follower.那个家伙的黄色枕头被他的跟随者掏空了.
The junior and senior of the senate all have driver's licenses.参议院的年长者和年少者都有驾驶执照.
The immense expense in condensing the steam made me tense.凝结蒸汽的巨大开支使我感到紧张.
A sensible man's sensor is sensitive to nonsense on census.明智者的传感器对人口调查废话敏感.
The offensive offender defended himself with the fence.那个讨厌的触犯者用篱笆自卫.
The dependent dependant can't live independently.依靠别人的被赡养者不能独立生活.













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