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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第6天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


The accessory successor never made concessions to difficulties, so he succeeded in accessing successive successes.附属继承人从未向困难妥协,因此在走向连续的成功之路上成功了.
I exceed the excellent student who has excessive excellence.我胜过那个有过多优点的优秀学生.
During the procession, the microprocessor finished the processing procedure.在队伍行进时,微处理器完成了加工过程.
The chess professor confessed his professional blessing in the confession.象棋教授在供状中承认了其职业福气.
The progressive congressman dressed in black stressed his distress.穿着黑色衣服的进步国会议员强调了他的不幸.
The man depressed by the pressure from the press expressed the impression on him.那个受到来自新闻界压力压抑的人表达了他的印象.
Initially I kept silent to the essential essay.起初我对这个重要的短评保持沉默。
The enforced law reinforced that forced divorce is forbidden.实施的法律强化了禁止强迫离婚.
In the cork workshop, the workers fork the pork.在软木车间,工人们用叉子叉猪肉.
That person personally persuaded the personnel with persuasive words.那个人用有说服力的话亲自说服了人事部门。
The dull bull fully fulfilled pulling the bulletproof bulletin board.迟钝的公牛充分履行了拖防弹公告牌(的职责)。
The lucky duck tucked in truck suddenly sucked the gas from the bucket.塞在卡车里的幸运鸭子突然从桶里吸汽油.
Boil the oil soiled by the coil in the toilet lest it spoil.把被盥洗室里的线圈弄脏的油煮开,免得它变质.
The selfish man put himself on the shelf.那个自私的人把自己束之高阁。
In this climate, the climber climbed up the cliff with his stiff limbs.在这种气候下,攀登者用僵硬的四肢爬上悬崖.
The puffy staff's stuffy chests are stuffed with sufficient suffering.喘气的职员们闷热的胸中填满了足够的痛苦.
The member of good memory remembers to commemorate his friend with memorials.那位记性好的成员记得用纪念品纪念他的朋友。
The room is lumbered with numerous cucumbers.房间里乱堆着大量黄瓜。
The poet's toes get out of his shoes. Here heroes are zeros.诗人的脚趾露出了鞋子。在这里英雄无足轻重。
In the library, arbitrary the librarian wrote the auxiliary diary about military literature.在图书馆,武断的图书管理员写下了有关军事文学的辅助日记。
The royal destroyer employs lots of loyal employees.皇家驱逐舰雇佣了很多忠心的雇员.
On the voyage, the enjoyable toy brought me joy and annoyance.在航行中,使人愉快的玩具给我带来快乐和烦恼.
Her boyfriend fed a box of oxygen and hydrogen to the ox and fox.她男朋友给牛和狐狸喂了一盒子氧和氢.
The instructor struggled to say, "The structure of the construction led to the destruction."教师挣扎着说:"建筑物的构造导致这场毁灭."
I debated that the debtor was doubtless in double troubles.我争论说债务人很可能处在双重困境中。
With a dim triumph, she trims the swimming-suit rim at the swimming-pool brim.她带着暗淡的喜悦在泳池边整理泳装的边缘.
Twice the twin king wins the winter swinging under the wing of the plane.孪生国王两次赢得冬季机翼下的荡秋千赛。
Having piled miles of files, the compiler smiled a while at the profile.堆了几英里长的文件之后,编辑对着侧面笑了一会.
By the spoon you'll soon see the smooth tooth of the moon above the booth.www.examda.com借助勺子你可以立刻看到电话亭上方月亮的光滑牙齿.
She met me in the Fleet Street and greeted me with a sweet smile.她在舰队街上遇见我,并对我致以甜甜的一笑.
The conductor is reluctant to reduce the conductivity of the semiconductor.导演不情愿降低半导体的导电率.
The producer introduced a productive technological product into production.制造者把一项多产的技术成果引进到生产中.
The anxious man is unconscious of my anxiety.那个不安的人没有觉察到我的忧虑.
Previously he was obviously envious of my success.先前他明显地嫉妒我的成功.
I highly appreciate the preceding man's precious precise exercise.我高度欣赏前面那个人可贵的精确演练.
The miracle mirrors a horrible error made by the terrorists in the terrible territory.这件奇事反映了恐怖分子在这一可怕地区犯的可怕错误.
I hurt my tongue when I hurried to eat cherry and strawberry merrily.我匆忙快活地吃樱桃和草莓时伤了舌头.
The man proclaimed in exclamation that he aimed to reclaim the aimless claim.那个人呼喊着声明说他打算索回无目标的索赔.
In no circumstances can the bicycle in the circle of the circus be a focus.马戏表演圈子中的自行车决不会成为焦点.
I'm busy unless I'm blessed with less lesson.我很忙,除非我很幸运只有少量功课.
How to pronounce the noun "ounce" in the announcement?布告中的名词"盎司"怎样发音?
It's incredible that the editor's editorial in this edition is edible.本版中的编辑社论可以食用让人难以置信。
The whistler whispered, "Which is rich?"鸣笛者低语道:"哪一个富有?"
Which method of making the metal helmet is more economical in total?生产这种金属头盔的方法哪一种总体上更节约?
The diligent teller told a tedious story about the intelligent satellite.勤奋的出纳讲述了一个关于智能卫星的乏味故事.
The soda made the goddess nod by the fishing rod.苏打使女神在钓竿旁打盹.
The modest man moderately modified the model in this mode.谦虚者适度地用这种方式修改了模型。
The humorous rumour has something to do with human humanity and vanity.那个幽默传闻与人类的仁慈和虚荣心有关。
The wakened cake baker awakes to that he has to brake by the lake.被唤醒的蛋糕师傅醒悟到他必须在湖边刹车。
I overtake the undertaker who takes my stake by mistake.我追上那个误拿我赌注的承办人.













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