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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第5天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


The loser closely enclosed himself in the closet.那个失败者把自己严密地封闭在小室内。
The composer was proposed to decompose his composition into components.作曲家被建议将著作分解成单元。
Suppose you were exposed in the opposite position by your opponent, ...假设你被对手暴露在相反的位置,....
The depositor positively positioned the preposition in that position on purpose.储户有意确信地介词放置在那个位置。
In church the nurse cursed the people pursuing the purple purse.在教堂里,护士诅咒了追求紫色钱包的人们。
The faculty for agricultural culture isn't difficult to cultivate.农业栽培能力不难培养。
The reservoir in the reserved preserve is an obstacle to the obstinate observer.预留保护区内的水库对固执的观察者是一个障碍。
The desert deserves the nervous servants to observe.那个沙漠值得神经紧张的公务员们去观察。
The bulk of the ruby rubbish on the pebble bubbles when stirred by bulbed rubber club.小卵石上的大部分红宝石废料在用有球状突起的橡胶短棍搅动是会起泡。
The adjective injected new meaning into the objected objective object.这个形容词给受到反对的客观物体注入了新的意义。
The projector is subject to rejection and may be ejected from the project.投影机有遭到否决的倾向并可能被逐出工程。
A day goes through daybreak, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and midnight.一天经过坲晓,上午,正文,下午,傍晚和午夜。
His affection for the defects is affected by the infectious perfect effect.他对缺点的钟爱受到具有感染力的完美效果的影响。
The critic's criticism is critical to the crisis.评论家的批评对这场危机至关重要。
The director's indirect direction led to the incorrect erection of the rectifier.指导者间接的指导导致整流器的错误安装。
The prospective inspector prospected his prospect with his own perspective.未来的检查员用自己的观点勘察的他的前景。
Two suspicious aspects are suspected respectively.两个可疑的方面分别受到怀疑。
This section about insects is written by a respectable specialist.关于昆虫的这一节是由一位可敬的专家撰写的。
I assure the injured jury that a sure insurance is ensured.我让受伤的陪审团确信一笔有把握的保险得到的确保。
My durable endurance made me endure the injury during insurance.我持久的忍耐力使我忍受了保险期间的伤害。
I can't endure the leisured man's measures for the treasures in the treasury.我不能容忍那个悠闲男子对金库财宝采取的措施。
In the exchange the oranges are arranged into strange ranges.在交易所里橙子被排成奇怪的行。
The ashtray, splashed with ash, crashed with a clash in a flash while being washed.那个溅有灰尘的烟灰盘在清洗时咣当一声一下子摔碎了。
He dashed to smash the fashionable ashtray with cash.他猛冲过去用现金砸那个过时的烟灰盘。
I feel a bit of bitterness for his ambitious exhibition.我为他雄心勃勃的展览感到一点点触痛。
On the orbit, the rabbits habitually inherited the merits of the inhabitants.在轨道上,兔子习惯性地继承了居民们的优点。
Her rejoicing voice is void of something avoidable.她那令人高兴的声音缺少某种可避免的东西。
I prefer the preferable preference you referred to in the reference books.我更喜欢你在参考书中提到的那个更可取的优先权。
The specialist specifically specified a special pacific means especially.专家特地明确指定了一种和解的特殊方法。
The speculator specifically specified the specification of this species specimen.投机者特地指定了这种物种标本的规范。
I'm to be punished for publishing his bad reputation to the public of the republic.我因将他的坏名声公布给共和国的公众将受到惩罚。
The drug trafficker is concerned about the condition of the traditional concert.毒品贩子担心传统音乐会的状况。
It's a fable that the cable enables the disabled man to be able to walk.电缆使得残疾人能够行走是天方夜谭。
The problem is that those who are out of jobs probably rob.问题是那些失业者们可能行劫。
His wicked trick is to get the kids to kick bricks and lick the cricket ticket.他的缺德恶作剧是让孩子们踢砖和添板球门。
The thin sick chicken picks the thick sticky stick quickly.瘦病鸡快速地啄粘乎乎的粗棍。
The animals unanimously vanished from the mammal's room furnished with Spanish furniture.动物一齐从配备有西班牙家具的哺乳动物的房间消失。
The loosened goose chooses the cheese to eat.被解开的鹅挑选奶酪吃。
By policy, the police impolitely sliced the politician's politics books.根据政策,警方不客气的把政客的政治书籍切成了薄片。
At the neck of the wrecked deck, the reckoner checked the opaque cheque.在遭破坏的甲板的颈部,计算者检查了这张不透明支票。
The scholar foolishly took the school cooling pool for swimming pool.学者愚蠢的把学校的冷却池当成游泳池。
Having played golf, the wolf in wool rested on the tool stool in the zoo.打过高尔夫球之后,穿羊毛衣的狼歇在动物园里的工具登上。
Citizens in the city's civil buildings are all civilized.城市名用建筑内的市民全都得到教化。
The pious man is dubious about the vicious civilian's vivid description of his vicinity to his wife.虔诚的男子对邪恶的平民生动的描述他与其妻子的密切(关系)半信半疑。
The corps' corn in the corner is scorned by the stubborn corporation.军团种在角落里的玉米遭到顽固公司的蔑视。
The attorney's horn lies horizontally in the thorns.代理律师的号角水平地躺在荆棘中。
I seem to deem his foreseeing of that the man will seek seeds in the weed.我似乎相信他的预见,他预见那个人将在杂草中寻找种子。
The agreement disagrees in the degree of agreeable freedom.协议在使人愉快的自由程度上存在分歧。
In the freezing breeze, the breeder greedily squeezed oil from the seeds.在冰冷的微风中,饲养员贪婪地从种子中榨油。
We need reed needles to speed the deed indeed.我们确实需要一些芦苇针来加快行动。













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