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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第4天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


The spy is shy of taking shelter on the shelf of the shell-like shed.间谍怕在壳子一样的棚里的架子上栖身。
The optional helicopter is adopted to help the optimistic helpless in the hell.可选用的直升飞机被用来帮助地狱里那些乐观的无助者.
The cell seller seldom sees the bell belt melt.小单间的卖主很少见到铃铛带子融化。
The costly post was postponed because of the frost.那件昂贵的邮件由于霜的缘故而延搁。
Srain brain on the train is restrained.在列车上过度用脑受到约束.
The gained grain drained away with the rain, all the pains were in vain again.收获的谷物随雨水流失了,所有辛劳又白费.
Cousin saw a group of couples in cloaks soak their souls in the soapy soup.表哥看见一群穿着斗篷的夫妇在肥皂汤里浸泡灵魂.
The wounded founder bought a pound of compound.受伤的奠基人买了一磅化合物.
It's easy and feasible to control the disease after cease-fire.停火之后控制这种病很容易也可行。
After a decrease, the price of the grease increases increasingly.下跌过一次之后,润滑脂的价格日益上涨。
Please release that pleasant peasant teaser who brings us plenty of pleasure.请释放那个带给我们巨大快乐的友好的农民逗趣者。
In the canal, the Canadian analyzed the bananas.在运河里,那个加拿大人化验了香蕉.
I pointed out the joint on the coin at the disappointing appointment.在令人失望的约会上,我指出了硬币上的接头.
His parents apparently stare at the transparent cigarettes.他父母显然凝视着透明香烟.
The careful man is scarcely scared by the scarce parcel.细心男子勉强被罕见的包裹吓了一下.
I'm rarely aware that the square area is bare.我很少觉察到那个正方形区域是光秃秃的.
"Beware the software in the warhouse during the warfare," hare said glaring at me.兔子怒视着我说:“战争期间当心仓库里的软件。”
I daren't declare that the shares are my spare fare and welfare on the farewell party.在告别会上,我不敢宣称这些股票是我的备用车费和福利。
The external and internal interference interrupts my interpretation at short intervals.内部和外部干涉以很短的间隔打扰我翻译.
The form of the former formula is formally formulated.前一个分子式的形式得到正式表述.
The performer reformed the performance of the transferred transformer.表演者改良了转让的变压器的性能.
Normally, enormous deformation is abnormal.通常,巨大的变形是不正常的。
The bookworm in uniform is informed of the storm.穿制服的书呆子得到暴风雨的消息。
The story about the six-storeyed dormitory tells a glorious history.关于六层楼宿舍的故事讲述一段光荣历史。
The perfume consumer presumably assumes that the volume is resumed.香水消费者假定地设想音量已恢复.
The voluntary revolutionaries revolted like the outbreak of volcano.志愿革命者们象火山爆发一样起义了.
It's resolved by resolution that the solution will be used to solve the involved problem.决议决定用这个办法解决那个复杂的问题。
The generous general's genuine genius is in making generators.那位慷慨将军的真正天才在于制造发电机.
Several severe federal generals drank the mineral water on the miner's funeral.好几个严厉的联邦将军在矿工的葬礼上喝了矿泉水。
The lean man leans on the clean bean plant to read a leaf leaflet.瘦人斜靠在干净的豆科植物上读叶片传单.
I mean he used mean means in the meantime on the ocean.我的意思是其间在海洋上他用了卑鄙手法.
The honourable journalist spent an hour on the journey of tour.可敬的新闻记者在观光旅程上花了一个小时.
The sour vapour pours into the flourishing flour factory. It's the source of resources.酸蒸汽涌进兴旺的面粉厂.这是资源的源泉.
Of course the man's courage encouraged the discouraged tourists in the courtyard.自然那个勇敢男子的勇气鼓舞了院子里泄气的游客们。
The zealous dealer has an ideal idea of dealing with the meal.热心的商人有一个处理膳食的理想主意.
He conceals the fact that he is jealous of my seal and wants to steal it.他隐瞒了他嫉妒我的印章并想偷的事实.
I really realized that a realm came into reality.我真地认识到一个王国已变成现实.
The healer reveals an appealing fact that health is great wealth to the commonwealth.医治者揭示一个吸引人的事实:健康是联邦的巨大财富。
The absent-minded student consents to the sentence in the presence of me.心不在焉的学生在我面前同意这份判决.
Presently the present is presented to the representative.现在这份礼物已呈现在代表面前。
Not for a moment has the comment on commercial phenomenon been mentioned.那个关于商业现象的评论从未被提及过。
The mental patient thinks the cement is the elementary element of the ornament.精神病人认为水泥是装饰品的基本成分.
As an exception I accept all his concepts and conceptions except one.作为例外,我接受他所有的概念和构想,只有一个除外。
I perceived that the veil clung on the ceiling of the clinic was deceit.我觉察到粘附在诊所天花板上的幔子是个骗局.
The receptionist received a receipt from the receiver.接待员收到一份来自接收者的收据。
The reaper leaped over a heap of cheap weapons.收割者跃过一堆廉价的武器。
The newly imprisoned prisoners poisoned poisonous moisture are hoisted out from the prison.中了有毒湿气毒的新近关押的囚犯被从监狱吊出.
The gross grocer crossed his legs before the boss.粗鄙的杂货商在老板面前叉起腿子.
The lost Bible is possibly the biggest loss of my possessions.丢失的圣经可能是我最大的财产损失。
A dose of poison made the noisy man's nose rosy.一剂毒药使得吵闹的男子的鼻子变成玫瑰色.













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