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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第1天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


With my own ears I clearly heard the heart beat of the nuclear bomb.我亲耳清楚地听到原子弹的心脏的跳动.
Next year the bearded bear will bear a dear baby in the rear.明年,长胡子的熊将在后方产一头可爱的小崽.
Early I searched through the earth for earthware so as to research in earthquake.早先我在泥土中搜寻陶器以研究地震.
I learn that learned earnest men earn much by learning.我得知有学问而认真的人靠学问挣很多钱.
She swears to wear the pearls that appear to be pears.她发誓要戴那些看起来像梨子的珍珠。
I nearly fear to tear the tearful girl's test paper.我几乎害怕撕那个泪流满面的女孩的试卷.
The bold folk fold up the gold and hold it in hand.大胆的人们将黄金折叠起来拿在手里。
The customers are accustomed to the disgusting custom.顾客们习惯了令人讨厌的风俗.
The dust in the industrial zone frustrated the industrious man.工业区里的灰尘使勤勉的人灰心.
The just budget judge just justifies the adjustment of justice.公正的预算法官只不过为司法调整辩护而已.
I used to abuse the unusual usage, but now I'm not used to doing so.我过去常滥用这个不寻常的用法,但我现在不习惯这样做.
The lace placed in the palace is replaced first, and displaced later.放在皇宫的带子先被替换,后来被转移.
I paced in the peaceful spacecraft.我在宁静的宇宙飞船里踱步.
Sir, your bird stirred my girlfriend's birthday party.先生,你的鸟搅了我女友的生日聚会。
The waterproof material is suitable for the aerial used near the waterfall.这种耐水材料适合用在瀑布附近的天线.
I hint that the faint saint painted the printer with a pint of paint.我暗示说虚弱的圣徒用了一品脱油漆涂印刷机.
At any rate, the separation ratio is accurate.无论如何,这个分离比是精确的.
The boundary around the round ground separates us from the surroundings.围绕着圆形场地的边界将我们同四周隔开.
The blunder made the underground instrument undergo an undermining of the thunderbolt.这个失策让地下仪器经受了一次雷电的破坏。
The tilted salt filters halt alternately for altering.倾斜的盐过滤器交替地停下以便改造.
The wandering band abandoned her bandaged husband on Swan Island.流浪的乐队把她那位打着绷带的丈夫遗弃在天鹅岛上.
The manly Roman woman manager by the banner had man's manner.军旗旁那位有男子气概的古罗马女经理具有男子风度.
In the lane the planer saw a planet airplane under the crane.在巷道里,刨工看见了起重机下的行星飞机.
The wet pet in the net hasn't got on the jet plane yet.网中的湿宠物还没有登上喷气飞机.
After maintenance the main remains and remainders are left on the domain.维修之后,主要遗骸和剩余物留在了领地上.
The grandson branded the brandy randomly.孙子给白兰地随机地打上烙印。
The landlord's land on the hightland of the mainland expanded a lot.地主在大陆高原上的土地扩张了很多.
Utilize the fertilizer to keep the land fertile.利用化肥保持土地肥沃.
The grand commander demands thousands of sandy sandwiches.大司令官要成千个沙色三明治。
I infer that he is indifferent to differentiating the offers in different conferences.我推断他对区分不同会谈中的报价漠不关心.
The maximum plus or minus the minimum makes minute difference.最大值加上或者减去最小值只产生极小的差异.
The witty witness withdraws his words within minutes without any reason.诙谐的证人在几分钟之内无故地收回了他说的话.
The cake maker shakes a naked snake with the quaking rake without sake.蛋糕制造者无缘无故地用抖动的耙子摇一条赤裸的蛇.
By the crook, the cook looked through a cookbook before making hooked cookies.在溪边,厨子在做钩形饼干之前查阅了一本食谱。
The writer writes the white book quite quietly in quilt.作家在被子里十分平静地写白皮书。
On the chilly hillside, he is unwilling to write his will on the ten-shilling bill.在寒冷的山坡上,他不愿意将遗嘱写在十先令的账单上.
The weaver will leave for the heavy heaven.那位纺织工将要到阴沉的天国里去.
The handy left-hander left a handsome handkerchief on the handle of the handbag.手巧的左撇子把一方漂亮手帕留在手提包的提手上。
The thief chief achieved the theft of a handkerchief for mischief.贼首领完成了偷手帕的恶作剧.
I believe my brief words will relieve her grief.我相信我简短的话会减轻她的悲痛.
At the dock I'm shocked to see the pocket rocket made of a block of rock.在码头看到一块岩石做的小巧火箭,我感到震惊.
Standing under the outstanding rock I misunderstood his standard standpoint.站在突出的岩石下,我误解了他的标准立场。
The substantial part of the constitution about the institution of institutes is substituted.宪法中有关设立协会的实质性部分被替换.
Spell smell! Very well, the well-being for human being will swell.拼写气味(一词)!很好,人类的福利将会膨胀.
Once none of you is here, the man in throne will live alone in the lonely zone.一旦你们没有人在此,王位上的人就要孤独地生活在这个孤寂的地带。
Nowadays the once unknown snowy hill is well-known for snowstorm.如今那座曾经不出名的多雪小山因暴风雪而出名.
For instance, I can instantly know the constant distance.例如,我可以即刻知道该恒定距离。
The man beyond the bond is fond of the second wonderful diamond.那位不受约束的人喜欢第二颗奇异的钻石。
While sinking into thinking, the shrinking linkman drank the pink ink sprinkled on the wrinkly paper.陷入沉思时,退缩的联络员喝掉了洒在皱纹纸上的粉红色墨水。
The contribution distributor thinks the microcomputer pollution is absolutely beyond dispute.捐款分配者认为微机污染是绝对不容置疑的.













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