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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第15天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


The assessor asserts that he inserted the deserted desserts in the desert with alert.估价人认定他用警惕把被抛弃的甜点心插入沙漠中。
The abrupt corrupt man had the Xeroxed code corroded in the erosion episode.突然的腐败的人让人在腐蚀插曲过程中腐蚀被影印的代码。
The enlightened man highlighted his mighty insight into the fright.开明的人强调他的强大的对惊悸了解。
I would rather withhold than uphold you unfold the gold foil on the threshold.我宁愿扣留而不支持你展开黄金箔在门槛上。
The imposing man posed as a man of good disposition and disposed of the rubbish.给人印象深刻的人冒充一个好安排的人并且处理垃圾。
The prose author's diagnosis discloses that the hose is damaged.散文作者的诊断透露软管被损坏。
The limping shrimp impulsively implemented the compulsory duty.跛行的虾冲动实现强制的职责。
The implicit implication about the deficit is not explicit.关于赤字的暗示的暗示不明确。
The degeneration of regenerative gene is exaggerated.更新基因的退步夸大了。
The competent petitioner thinks the perpetual impetus is petty.有能力的请愿者认为永久的动力是可爱的。
The superstitious man put the priority on the superficial supersonic superiority.迷信的人把优先权放在表面的超音速的优良上。
The traitor in strait straight forwardly told me the traits of the bait.在向前直的海峡里的卖国贼告诉我饵的特性。
The Oriental is proficient in the ingredients.东方人对成分熟练。
The recipe recipient transiently made the conscientious alien client unconscious.烹饪法接受者瞬变使有责任心的外国人客户无意识。
The rotary agitator irrigated him.旋转的鼓动者可灌溉的他。
The counselor bounced up to denounce discount.顾问上升蹦跳指责折扣。
The degraded undergraduate upgraded the underlying virus program.被降职的大学生升级基础的病毒计划。
Jail life made the frail retailer avail every snail in the pail.监狱生命使脆弱的零售商在桶里有益于每只蜗牛。
Deviation in aviation is dangerous. Writing is alleviated via bias on abbreviation.在航空过程中的不符合是危险的。 写被关于缩写通过偏见减轻。
On the anniversary the versatile poet wrote an adverse verse Virtue versus Evil.在周年纪念日上,多用途诗人写信告诉不利的句美德对邪恶。
The recruit made the current circulate in the circuit on the circumference.新兵使电流在周长上在电路内循环。
In the suitcase, the guitar tutor found the tuition by intuition.在小提箱里,吉他导师以直觉发现学费。
The watchful snatcher dispatched a batch of combatants to the hatch.密切注意的绑架者发送一批战士到舱口盖。
The wretched butcher clutched the needle and stitched it clumsily.可怜的屠夫抓针并且笨拙缝它。
The peer's queer peering is a sheer sneer.贵族的奇怪盯着看是完全讽笑。
The currency curriculum made the excursionist incur loss of time and money.货币课程使短途旅游者招致时间和钱的损失。
The stray betrayer arrayed the sprayers on the road.偶然的背信者在道路上排列喷雾器。
Dust accumulated on the insulated simulator in the desolate lab.灰尘在孤独的实验室在被隔离的模拟器上堆积。
The inflated balloon indicates a latent inflation on the plateau.膨胀的气球对高原指示潜在的通货膨胀。
Trivial tributes constitute the attribute of constituent's report.琐屑的颂词形成选民的报告的属性。
I acutely and resolutely refuted the brutal persecution of mute commuter.我尖锐而坚决反驳默默的通勤者的野蛮的迫害。
This measure may preclude the exclusive agency from selling crucial crude oil.这个措施可以使专有的代理不能出售决定性的原油。
He depicted the conviction that contradicted the verdict.他描绘反驳裁决的定罪。
Magnify the magnitude of the magnetism.放大磁性的大小。
The deputy chairman of the charity clarified the importance of clarity and purity.慈善的副会长验证明了和纯洁的重要性。
The tramp from the tram swamped the ham hamburger with shampoo.来自有轨电车的流浪者用洗发水淹没火腿汉堡。
According to the pamphlet, the current in the amplifier can be amplified to 3 amperes.根据小册子,在放大器里的电流可以被放大到3安培。
Prolong the sponge along the longitude and latitude at an altitude.沿着经度和纬度在一高度延长海绵。
The conservative man made a reservation in the observatory.保守的人在天文台的保留。
The mender recommends me to amend the legend agenda.修理工建议劝告我修改传奇议程。
His comprehensive apprehension about the appendix of the pendulum is obvious.他的广泛的关于这个摆的附录的忧虑明显。
Elevate the eleventh level to relevant height.提高第11 步到相关的高度。
Thereafter, I adhered to the coherence inherent to the theory.此后,我粘对理论固有的连贯性。
The prophet appropriately appropriated the fund for repairing propeller.预言者恰当为修理螺旋桨拨专款。
I'm baffled why the affiliated man initiated the negotiator into ego.被附属于的人为什么正式介绍谈判者进自我,我被困惑。
The radiation radius of the radioactive radium radiator in the stadium is variable.放射性的镭暖气装置的辐射半径在体育场是易变的。
Snobbish Knob is doing his hobby in the lobby.势利的球形门柄正在大堂里做他的嗜好。
The ass bypassed the guard and assassinated the surpassing ambassador in the embassy.驴为警卫设旁路并且在大使馆暗杀胜过的大使。
The corporate bodies collaborate elaborately on producing vibrating evaporator.法人团体在生产振动蒸发器之后精心制作协作。
The dazzling light from the digital device dizzied me.来自数字化的设备的耀眼的光使我头昏。













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