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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第14天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


When I fetched the sketch on the stretcher I found the secretary's secret.当我拿来担架上的素描时我发现了秘书的秘密.
The mutual spirits inspired us to reach the annual aim.相互的精神鼓舞了我们达到年度目标.
The roaring oar hit the coarse keyboard on the cupboard aboard the boat.轰鸣的桨击中了船上碗柜上的粗糙键盘.
My intimate mate's ultimate estimate approximates the appropriate value.我亲密伙伴的最终估计接近恰当的值.
In case of necessity, necessary session can be held on the vessel.必要时,必需的开庭可在船舶上进行.
By the navigation of microwave, the navy paved a pavement on the wavy sea.借助微波导航,海军在多浪的大海上铺了一条路。
The minority of us are confronted with difficulty in the frontier of the major.我们少数人在该专业尖端领域面临困难.
From the context of the text, I find the next pretext for selling the textile.我从课文的前后关系中找到卖纺织品的下一个借口.
The systematic items stem from the walker's talk about the chalk.这些系统的条款来源于步行者关于粉笔的谈话.
Theoretically, their heir's theory of meteorology can explain the meteor.从理论上讲,他们的继承人的气象理论能解释这种大气现象。
I affirmatively confirmed the conformity of the theory with practice.我断然确认了理论与实践相符.
The subordinate coordinates are in accordance with that set by the cordial chorus.从属坐标与热心的合唱团的设定值一致。
The transactor thinks activating the atomic interaction in the intact reactor is practicable.办理人认为激活未受影响的反应堆内原子的相互作用是种可行的.
The distracted reader can't be absorbed in the abstract extract.心神纷乱的读者无法专心于抽象的节录.
The compact faction fractured because of friction.紧密小宗派由于摩擦破裂了.
Under the guideline, the output of streamlined seamless liners declines linearly.在该方针的指引下,流线型无缝班机的产量直线下降.
The dreadful tread on the meadow broke the deadly deadlock.草场上可怕的践踏声打破了致命的僵局.
The heading is "Headline of Headlong Pleadings".标题为“仓促答辩状的摘要”.
I overhear that the hearty man heartily yearns for my harness in the barn.我无意中听说那个热忱的人十分向往我的牲口棚中的马具.
After the rehearsal, the weary mechanic repaired the gears with shears and spear.排练完后,疲倦的机修工用剪刀和矛修理了齿轮装置.
Having checked the parameters of the apparatus, the paralysed parasite went to the paradise by parachute.检查过仪器的参数后,瘫痪的寄生虫乘降落伞到天堂去了.
In the compartment, the impartial participant told me his counterpart's departure.在隔间里,公正的参与者把其对等人物的离世告诉了我.
The articulate man's artistic cartoon startled the charterer.发音清晰者的艺术卡通使包租人大吃一惊.
The guardian found a quarterly quart of quartz in the safeguard.监护人在安全装置内找到了四分之一夸脱石英.
The immortal man's mortgage can be a shortcut to resolve the food shortage.不朽之人的抵押可以作为解决食品短缺的捷径.
The escort resorted to the orthodox paradox to retort his distortion.陪护者借助正统悖论反驳他的歪曲.
The oppressor suppressed his aggressive opinion about compressor.压制者制止了他的有关压缩机的挑衅性观点.
The senseless senator's pretense of consensus caused a sensation.愚蠢参议员的舆论借口引起了轰动.
The conspicuous suspicious pension is in suspension.那笔引人注目的可疑养老金被暂停发放.
He repents having compensated the dispensable pesion for fear of penalty.他后悔因害怕处罚而补偿了不必要的养老金.
Abundance doesn't mean redundance. The hound found a profound book on the roundabout.充裕并不意味多余.猎犬在旋转木马上找到一本深奥的书.
By courtesy of the mourner, he endeavours to devour the nourishing odour.承蒙哀悼者同意,他努力吞食滋养气味.
The thermal therapy terminated after the terminal germ seminar.热疗在期末细菌研讨会后终止了.
The terraced terrain near the Mediterranean ferry is terrific.地中海渡口附近的台地地形好极了.
The consul's consultant hauled out the assaulter from the vault.领事的顾问把袭击者从地窖中拖了出来.
The nitrogen atoms combine instantaneously, simultaneously and spontaneously.氮原子瞬间同时自动化合.
The respectful spectator gave the prospective president a retrospect of the spectacular spectrum.恭敬的旁观者对未来的总统回顾了壮观的光谱(景象).
The suicides in adjacent area are incidental coincidence.邻近区域内的自杀是偶然巧合.
His ignorance of her dignity ignited her indignation.他对她的高贵的无知点燃了她的愤怒(之火).
The man tackling the drawback of the brackets runs a slack snack business.那个解决支架缺点的人经营着萧条的小吃生意。
At the turning the turtle met a turkey and made a turnover on the turnips.在拐弯处海龟遇见了火鸡,在萝卜上翻了个身.
The overthrown president is overwhelmed by the controversy.被推翻的总统被辩论降服.
The handicapped man got a second-hand handout of shorthand handbook beforehand.残疾人事先得到了一本二手速记手册施舍品.
Hitherto the withering flowers can't withstand the sunshine notwithstanding my care.尽管有我的呵护,这些凋谢的花至今仍经不起阳光.
I averted my eyes from the diverse advertisements for the invert converter.我把目光从花样繁多的倒置转换器广告上移开.
It's deduced that the induced fluctuation does no good to the reproducing productivity.据推断,诱导波动对复制生产率没有好处.
In the Catholic cathedral the athlete shouted out his wrath in the athletic oath.在天主教大教堂,选手在体育誓言中喊出了他义愤.
The destiny of the pest in chestnut is not known before reaching the destination.栗子中害虫的命运在到达目的地之前是未知的。
The wrestler's testimony manifests that he has large estates.角力者的证言表明他有大量房地产.
Having attained the entertaining center, the retained man was detained and sustained pain.到达娱乐中心后,聘请的男子遭到拘留并经受到痛苦.













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