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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第13天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


Last summer the drummer became an amateur dramatist dramatically.去年夏天,鼓手戏剧性地变成了业余剧作家.
Long Tongue League's colleagues are fatigued with cataloguing.长舌联合会的同僚们编目录编累了。
The bottle is hidden in the bottom of a ton of cotton the cottage.瓶子被藏在农舍里一吨棉花的底部.
The pattern of the battery doesn't matter to the battle against the little brittle cattle.电池的式样对与脆小牛作战无关要紧。
By the biography, the biologist's playing the violet violin violently violated rules.据传记记载,生物学家猛奏紫罗兰色的小提琴违犯了规矩.
In the faithful waiter's waist exists a list of the ten listeners.在忠实的侍者的腰里存有那十位听众的名单。
The typist plays Typhoon on the piano in a typical style.打字员以典型的风格在钢琴上演奏“台风”。
I pushed aside the crushed cushion in a rush and saw a bushy brush.我急忙推开压皱的软垫子,看见一把浓密的刷子。
Riding on the ridge of the bridge, the proud bride shouts loudly to the cloud.骄傲的新娘骑在桥脊上对着云大声喊.
The decisive decimal point made the acid man decide to suicide.决定性的小数点使刻薄之人决定自杀。
I'm convinced that the provincial government will provide provisional provisions.我深信地方政府将提供临时供应品。
The hidden division is subdivided into individuals.隐藏的师被细分为个体.
The tides slide on the tidy wide beach and collide each other.海潮在整洁宽阔的海滩上滑行并相互碰撞。
The briber described the tribe head's bribery.行贿者描述了部落首领的受贿行为.
The ribbon of the rifle is fabricated with fibre.来复枪的带子是用纤维制作的.
The continent continues to control the import of petrol and petroleum.大陆方面继续控制汽油和石油进口。
They returned in turn to bury the luxuries burnt in the burst.他们依次返回来埋藏在爆炸中烧毁的奢侈品。
Banned murders in the suburb bring turbulent disturbance and burden to the urban turbine works.在郊区被禁止的谋杀给都市透平工厂带来汹涌骚乱和重负.
A nice price of the iced rice is offered to the officer.军官得到了冰冻米的好价钱。
The poor man in poverty sleeps on the floor at the doorway.那个贫困的可怜人睡在门口的地板上。
In the log lodge he said some illogical apologies.在木屋里他说了些不合逻辑的道歉话.
The slogan crier saw the dog and frog jump to and fro in the fog.呼口号者看见狗和青蛙在雾中来回跳.
I recognized the large-sized prize and seized it.我认出了大号奖品并将它占有。
The lying liar lied to the dying diet maker that the tie was dyed blue.躺着的说谎者对临死的食疗制作者谎称带子染成了蓝色.
The unyielding man fiercely pierced the shield in the field.那个不屈的人凶猛地刺穿田野里的盾牌.
Perhaps something happy will happen to the unhappy man.或许那个不高兴的人将要碰上某件快乐的事。
The Greek checked his cheeks on the weekend.希腊人在周末检查了他的面颊。
The troop's stoop on the loop became the top topic at the bus stop.部队在环行道上的屈服在公共汽车站成了头等话题。
The chop shopkeeper let the blood drip to the crops.排骨店老板让血滴到庄稼上。
The pop song is popular in the populous city.这首流行歌曲在人口稠密的城市流行.
Regretfully, we can't regulate the irregular liner on the gulf.遗憾的是我们不能调整海湾上不定期的班船。
The pig is obliged to dig a big pit for the pigeon.猪被迫为鸽子掘一个大坑。
In this district I can strictly distinguish the distinct distinctions of bees' stings by instinct.在该地区我能靠直觉严格分辨蜜蜂刺的明显特征。
In the Administration, this minister is in charge of registering regional religions.在内阁中这个部长负责登记区域宗教。
The energetic enemy submerged in the water on the verge of the emergency.在紧急情况快要发生时精力充沛的敌军沉入水中.
The muscular musician found the bud in the mud in the museum.肌肉发达的音乐家在博物馆里的泥巴中发现了嫩芽。
I also heard of the false pulses elsewhere.我在别处也听说过这些虚假脉冲.
The kid kidnapper can't get rid of a ridiculous kidney disease.绑架小孩的家伙无法摆脱荒谬的肾病。
My niece sacredly sacrificed a piece of pie to the God.侄女郑重地给神供上一块馅饼.
The sinful single singer's finger skin is singular.有罪的单身歌手的手指皮肤独特。
"The enterprise will be supervised by a group comprising prominent men," the despising chairman said concisely with no compromise.“企业将由杰出人员构成的小组来监管,”轻蔑的主席毫不妥协简明地说。
The promising singer underwent mysterious misery.那位有前途的歌手遭受了神秘的痛苦.
The physician made a physical examination to the sophisticated philosopher and physicist.医生给世故的哲学家和物理学家作了体检。
Bowing its elbow, the owl sows in the bowl.猫头鹰弯着肘在碗中播种。
The cowardly cow vows not to tow vowels.胆怯的母牛发誓不拖元音字母。
The answer is: Owing to a shower, the powerful powder is no longer on show.答案是:由于一场阵雨,这种强有力的火药不再展览了。
The biscuit compels the mosquitoes quit the equipment.这种饼干迫使蚊子离开设备.
What a nuisance, the suit is ruined due to the unsuitable style.真糟,这套服装由于款式不合适而毁了.
The judge has prejudice to the juicy fruit.法官对这种多汁水果怀有偏见。
The guide disguised his guilty of mixing the liquor with a liter of liquid.导游把酒与一公升液体混合的罪过掩饰起来.













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