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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第12天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


In the passage the passenger passed a cassette of message to messenger.在过道里,乘客给信差传递了一盒带信息。
It was not the aluminum but the massive brass and bronze on the grass that embarrassed me.让我为难的不是铝而是草地上厚重的黄铜和青铜.
From the classical class, the classmate with glasses knows the classification of classics.戴眼镜的同学从古典文学课上知道了古典名著的分类.
The hungry drunk plunged a trunk of lungs into the tunnel under the channel.饥饿的醉汉把一大箱肺投进了水渠下面的隧道.
I bundled a bunch of branches and anchored it on the punching bench.我捆起一簇树枝,将它栓在冲压工作台上.
The fundamental fund functions punctually in conjunction with abundant capital.这笔重要基金与充裕的资本一起准时发挥作用.
Uncle and aunt launched a laundry with the blunt hunter.伯伯和伯母与直率的猎人创办了一家洗衣店.
The upset supplement supplier went up with the puppet to the upper room for supper.心烦意乱的增刊供给者与傀儡一起到上面的房间吃晚餐.
I'm liable to give reliable reply to the application for supply of apples.我有责任对申请供应苹果给予可靠答复.
Salaries vary with various jobs.薪水随各种各样的工作而异。
I didn't evaluate the blue glue due to the vague plague.因为不明确的瘟疫,我没有对蓝色胶水估价。
The flu influenced the influential speaker's fluency of speech.流感影响了那个有影响的讲话者讲话的流畅.
I have association with the socialists of the society.我与协会内的社会主义者有交往.
In the cinema the medicine immediately remedied the medium.在电影院里这种药立刻拯救了中间人.
I use the ripe recipe to wipe the pipeline.我用成熟的配方来擦拭管道.
The boastful toaster roasts himself on the coast in the sunshine.好说大话的祝酒者在海岸上晒太阳.
It was true that the rescued cruel man let fuel oil issue from the tissue.获救的无情男子真的任凭燃油从薄纱中流出.
The furious obscure curer is curious to secure the curly-curved mercury curiosity.盛怒的不出名治疗者渴望弄到这种带卷曲曲线的水银珍品。
The dictator predicted the contradiction in the dictionary.独裁者预言了字典中的矛盾.
In the fiction, the victim of the conflict pictured the picnic after victory.在小说中,冲突中的受害者描绘了胜利后的野餐.
The pupils will fix with a mixture the fixed figure in the future.学生们将来要用一种混合物整修固定轮廓。
The impure mixture with impurity is purified.含杂质的不纯混合物被提纯。
The native has no nationality; he is an international man.这个土著没有国籍,他是一个国际人.
In the rural the naturally matured tomatoes have this nature.在乡下自然成熟的番茄具有这种性质.
The worshiper thinks that the worst is the insufficient horsepower.崇拜者认为最坏的事是马力不足.
A year ago I could go without the foregoing favorite flavor.一年前没有先前最喜爱的风味我也能过.
The fresh flesh on the mesh refreshed the dog.网格上的新鲜肉使狗恢复了体力.
In the autumn the authorities automatically authorize me to buy highly mobile automobiles.秋天,当权者自动授权我买高机动性的汽车.
The columnist holds the colorful column of the colonial newspaper.那位专栏作家主持殖民地报纸的多彩专栏.
In the beautiful bureau my daughter's laughter served for the sauce of the sausage.在漂亮的办公署,女儿的笑声充当了香肠的调料。
The mechanical mechanic knows the technique and technology of the echo mechanism.呆板的机修工知道共鸣装置的技术和工艺.
The ugly druggist gauged the huge plug in the refugee's rug.丑陋的药剂师测量了难民毛毯中的巨大插头.
I hope to make copper copies of the telescope and microscope for hobby in the lobby.我希望制作望远镜和显微镜的铜质复制品.
The sloped envelope indicates the development velocity of printing.那个倾斜的信封显示了印刷的发展速度。
The rope is proper property to the prospering rope maker.绳子对成功的制绳者来说是真正的财产.
It's a pity that the spitbox in the pit was hit and split.遗憾的是坑内的痰盂被打裂.
The situation is fit for profiting and beneficial to the shops situated nearby.这种形势适于获利且对坐落在附近的商铺有益。
The fanciful panda fan panics over the span of the pan-like panel.爱幻想的熊猫迷对盆状仪表板的全长感到恐慌.
The advanced van has disadvantages as well as advantages.这辆先进的篷车有优点也有缺点.
The original Organ Organization was originated with an original man.最初的风琴组织是由一个有创见的人发起的。
The pale salesman wholesales scales on a large scale.面色苍白的推销员大规模批发比例尺(天平,鱼鳞).
The males think the females have talent for telling stale tales.男人认为女人有讲陈腐故事的才能。
Beneath (Underneath) the wreath the deaf man near death is out of breath.花环下面那个快要死的聋子喘不过气来。
The conclusion includes my attitude toward his rudeness.结论包含了我对他的粗鲁所持的态度.
In the pond the sponsor responded to the correspondent's corresponding responsibility.在池塘里主办者对通讯员的相应责任作出了回应.
In this version, some conversions are made to the verbs and adverbs in the conversation.该版本中,会话中的动词和副词作了一些转换.
The cosmic verse on the reverse of the paper is very welcome in Universe University.纸张背面的宇宙韵文在宇宙大学很受欢迎。
The dismissed Swiss miss kissed the once missing missile and scissors.被解雇的瑞士小妞吻了一度失踪的导弹和剪刀。
The comb is combined with a bomb in the tomb.梳子和坟墓里的炸弹结合在一起。
The sum of the hammers is made in the summer summary.锤子总额在夏季总结里作了统计.













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