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[考研英语] 16天记住7000考研单词(第11天)(词汇量:50)下载课程


The commonsense commonwealth government no longer uses the uncommon commonplace.有常识的联邦政府不再使用不寻常的陈腐之言。
The communist communicated communism to this municipal community.那个共产党员把共产主义传入该市立社区.
In the bar the barber bargained for a jar of jam, then got over the barrier of barrels.在酒吧里理发师为一罐果酱讲了价然后越过桶作的屏障.
The quarrelsome general quarreled about a quarter quart of oil in the headquarters.好争吵的将军在司令部为四分之一夸脱油而争吵.
On the wedding I saw blooms embeded in the bed of the bedroom.在婚礼上,我看见卧室的床上镶嵌着花朵.
The fisherman wishes to finish the dish of reddish fish.渔夫希望做完那盘略带红色的鱼。
On the Christmas the Christian's assistant fisted Pistol Piston and twisted his wrist.在圣诞节,基督徒的助手拳击了“手枪活塞”并扭了他的手腕.
My sister insists consistently on persistent resistance to transistor radios.妹妹一贯坚决主张持久抵制晶体管收音机。
The chemist and the mistress insist that the mist consists of several chemicals.化学家和女教师坚持认为薄雾由几种化学物品构成.
My nephew found a few dewdrops on the Jewish jeweler's jewel.侄儿发现犹太珠宝商的珠宝上有几滴露珠.
The crew unscrewed the screws from the sewing-machine and chewed them.船员们从缝纫机上旋下螺钉并咀嚼它们.
The interviewer reviewed the newspaper and renewed his viewpoint on the news.采访者再次查看了报纸并更新了他对该新闻的看法.
The refiner defined a definite confine with her fine finger.提炼者用她精细的手指定义了一个明确的界限.
The sugared vinegar is refined from the sugarcane and pine.加糖的醋是从甘蔗和松木中精炼出来的.
We are dined and wined in the inner dining-room of the inn.在旅店的内部餐厅,我们受到了酒宴款待.
I'm inclined to underline these disciplines in the outline written on linen.我倾向于给写在亚麻布上的大纲中的这些学科划下画线.
The engineer examined the engine of the mining machine for stomach.工程师检查采矿机的发动机是否有肚子痛。
The submitted submarine on the magic magazine is shining and magnificent.魔术杂志上那艘提交的潜艇闪亮而壮观。
Thus the enthusiastic dumb man thumbed the humble man's umbrella.于是热情的哑巴用拇指拨弄谦卑男子的伞.
The trembles of the umbrella assembly lines have resemblances.这些雨伞装配线的抖动有相似之处。
I'm interested in why he is arrested while resting in aural restaurant in the forest.我对他为何在森林里的香味餐馆歇息的时候被捕感兴趣。
I guess the guest's gesture suggested that he could not digest well.我猜想客人的手势暗示了他消化不良.
The pretty priest protested the contest of protein test.漂亮牧师抗议蛋白质化验赛.
"What a marvelous carving!" the starving harvester in vest said.“好一件神奇的雕刻!”挨饿的穿着背心的收割者说.
During the festival the investor investigated his ancestor.节日期间投资者调查了他的祖宗.
Subsequently the eloquent man frequently asked the consequence of quenching in sequence.其后雄辩者频繁地询问顺序灭火的结果.
In this semester the westerner thinks Chest Orchestra is the best.这学期西方人认为箱子乐队是最好的乐队.
Henceforth, the north wind is worthless to the northerners.从今以后,北风对北方人没有益处。
On the eastern Easter feast, at least one beast's breasts were tested with yeast.在东部复活节宴会上,至少有一头牲畜的乳房被用酵母做了试验.
The young youths lounged in the south mouth of the cave for one month.无经验的青年们在南洞口闲荡了一个月.
The bird nests only in northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest lest it be found.此鸟只在东北、西北、东南和西南筑巢,以免被发现.
The airport and seaport are important to import and export of portable goods.机场和海港对于进口和出口轻便商品很重要.
On the porter's passport a portion of the portrait isn't proportional.在搬运工的护照上,部分肖像不成比例.
With the reporter's support, the sportsmen are transported to the airport.在记者的支持下,运动员们被运送到了机场.
After a fortnight's torture, the unfortunate man got an opportunity to escape the misfortune.经过两星期的拷打后那个不幸的人得到了逃脱不幸的机会.
I got this sort of comfortable soft shorts with no efforts.我不费吹灰之力弄到了这种柔软舒适的短裤。
The forecaster contrasted the cast castle with the vast desert.预言者将铸造的城堡与广阔的沙漠作了对比。
I tasted the paste in haste and cast it on the waste plaster.我匆忙品尝了浆糊然后将其丢在废泥灰上。
The astronaut, an astronomy fan, is astonished at the gymnastics show in the gymnasium.宇航员(一位天文学迷)对体育馆里的体操表演感到惊骇.
The master's masterpiece caused a disaster to headmaster.主人的杰作给校长造成灾难.
After the blast the plastics show everlasting elasticity.爆炸过后,塑胶显示出永久的弹性.
The pitch made me itch. I pitched the switch into the ditch around the kitchen.沥青使我发痒.我把开关抛进围绕厨房的水沟里.
I scratched a match and saw my watch catching a patch.我划了一根火柴发现我的手表钩着了一块补丁。
With time elapsing, the flaps collapse up on his clapper's lap.随着时间流逝,袋盖在拍手者的膝上堆叠起来。
The incapable man in cap went into the hospitable capital hospital.戴帽的无能男子走进热情好客的首都医院.
I gripped the striped strip that tripped me over on the ship.我握着那条在船上将我绊倒的带条纹的带子。
With his lips the sly fly clipped the slippery slipper that eclipsed his sight.狡猾的苍蝇用嘴唇夹住遮挡他视线的滑拖鞋。
The button utters in mutter, "The butterfly likes the buttered earthnut/peanut."按钮咕哝着发出声音说:"蝴蝶喜欢涂了奶油的花生."
The scraped escapee taped the grapes into various shapes.擦伤的逃犯用带子把葡萄扎成各种形状。
In the past the compass could pass passion to the passive man having pastime on the pasture.在过去,指南针可以将激情传递给在牧场上消遣的被动之人。













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